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Natural Antibacterial Toilet Cleaner 500ml - Pine & Sweet Orange

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Natural anti-bacterial Toilet Cleaner, safe for septic tanks

Pine & Sweet Orange- 500ml

Transform your loo into a woodland paradise. In smell anyway. The only thing that would improve it is if it did the scrubbing for you.

All YOURS toilet cleaners have been tested for antibacterial properties and are proven to kill 99.99% of common bacteria *E coli and P aeruginosa, while being all natural.

How to use

Squirt a little onto a toilet brush, move said toilet brush around the bowl and enjoy the sweet smell of clean loo success. This toilet cleaner can also be used as an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Simply squeeze a small amount (approx 1/2 cap) onto a damp cleaning cloth and wipe surfaces then polish with a soft dry cloth.


Water, coco glucoside, coco betaine, citric acid, tea tree oil, pine essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum 

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