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Stain & Mould Specialty Surface Cleaner - 500ml

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Stain & Mould Surface Cleaner - 500ml

100% Natural

This is one cleaning job you can do lying down. Effective for general deep cleaning, polishing stainless steel, and an excellent bathroom surface spray. Fantastic for tiles, glass, all bathroom surfaces and making you a generally happier person. 

How to use

Spray directly onto stained or mouldy areas, do whatever floats your boat for 20 minutes, then remove with a clean damp cloth.

•100% natural and toxin-free

• Made with essential oils

• Plant based surfactants

• No parabens or sulphates

• Locally NZ owned and made in NZ

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White vinegar, water, citric acid, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, coco glucoside, coco betaine, potassium sorbate

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