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Great product. I bought my first bottle from Countdown and it worked so well I bought a bulk order direct. Have struggled to find a natural fly remedy to spray on ponies bothered by the horrendous amount of flies that have been about this year. So happy to find it works so well being a natural product and if rubbing it in by hand rather than spraying it has a light liniment sensation to it. Love the product, highly recommended for keeping flies off equines :)

Insect off brilliance

Brilliant product.
I live in the Waitakere rangers and everyday we have one bug or another making it’s way inside. Since using this product their numbers have reduced yay!

One amazing product

This is my favourite product from the YOURS range. Once cobwebs and the like, are cleaned from around doorways, or wherever they are a problem, just spray this product liberally and let dry on the surface. Will keep spiders away for weeks. A wonderful discovery, so thrilled I've come accross it.

Ditch toxic and try this aromatic and natural way to keep creepie crawlies out

I have tried the Insect Off surface spray and found it a camphorous and effective way of keeping out insects, by spraying around window and doorframes. I especially love the Yours Fly Off which I bought at a different time, as it smells gorgeous, cleans our marble surface and keeps flys from landing (this would be a 5/5!).

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