Introducing Insect Off

Buy Fly Off & Insect Off together and get Insect Off for 1/2 price.

With best-selling Fly Off on your side, you have a multipurpose, antibacterial cleaner packed with essential oils that keeps flies from touching down on your surfaces, both indoors and out, all in one! 

Now it’s time to add to your arsenal - let us introduce you to Fly Off’s new little sister, Insect Off.

Insect Off is a broad spectrum, natural insecticide that works hard to keep all sorts of creepy crawlies from entering your home and unlike many other insect repellents - it smells amazing!

Simply spray Insect Off liberally on both indoor and outdoor surfaces like door steps and window sills and wipe off with a damp cloth leaving a small residue of the product to stop ants from moving in and deter mosquitoes, midges and more from joining the party.

If required, repeat over a few days, until the bugs get the message. 

Fly Off or Insect Off?

Which of these powerful sprays is the right one for you? Take a look at our handy chart to find out.



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Essential Oils - Why all the fuss?

Essential oils are often underrated - really, how can something that smells so naturally divine, have so many other benefits that are so incredibly pure and powerful? Derived purely from plants, essential oils have a multitude of benefits from relieving physical illnesses, stress and anxiety through to providing a safe, anti-bacterial addition to you keeping your home clean and your family safe from creepy crawlies.

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Fly Off (or how to stop flies landing on your benchtop)

In the summer in New Zealand, flies can be a problem. They come inside to look for food, and lay eggs to continue their lifecycle. In the process of doing this, not only are they irritating and unsanitary, but they leave fly spots. Fly spots are literally food that they have vomited back up. The vomit is acidic, so it breaks down the food. The flies then eat vomit and food. When they poo, this is very acidic as well.

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