Yours all natural solid body bars

All of our Body Bar products contain no palm oil, parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate. They are naturally scented with essential oils that impart a host of health and well-being benefits. We also have created our product range to be plastic-free- so our bars all come wrapped in beeswax wraps which are biodegradable and can easily be washed and re-purposed. We also have brand new compostable packaging options which look bright and magical!

Moisturising body lotion bars

With four luxurious natural scents, these body bars do away with parabens, irritants and plastic bottles- better for you AND the environment. The range contains a mix of cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter and mango butter ingredients. The bars are incredibly moisturising and provide relief to dry, itchy, irritated skin, and can assist the skin heal from damage.
Try the sweet pea for a gorgeous floral scent.  The sandalwood and patchouli bars are evocative of the mystery of Asia, while the honeysuckle, jasmine and lemon bar makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island. And finally, unleash the healing power of NZ native kawakawa and hemp seed oil, with the calming properties of frankincense oil- great for sufferers of psoriasis.

Soap free natural bodywash bars

Soap can be incredibly drying for sensitive skin. Our soap-free bodywash bars provide great cleaning while providing moisturisation- and they smell delicious! They come wrapped in beeswax wraps, avoiding the use of more planet-harming plastic.  Our scents are honeysuckle, jasmine & lemon, sweet pea & rosemary, sandalwood & lime and kawakawa.

Once used, leave the wet bodywash bar on the beeswax wrap to dry, then wrap to prevent cracking.


Handmade shampoo bars

Our  hand-made shampoo bars are an excellent environmentally friendly Christmas gift idea. They come in five delicious flavours, and all are wrapped in our natural beeswax wraps.
Hemp seed and aloe vera are nourishing, moisturising, and has natural antibacterial and viral properties. The rosemary, wildflower, and jasmine shampoo bars smell amazing, and work hard to promote great scalp health- this bar is great for those suffering from dandruff. The citrus and peppermint bars are revitalising and energising, moisturising the hair and stimulating hair growth. 

Environmentally friendly Gift ideas for those that care

Whether you’re buying for a health and environment-conscious teen, your mum or even yourself, YOURS eco products are a fantastic gift idea. Head over to our YOURS and buy a gift that will be used and appreciated.