Why NZ Needs to Come Clean on Ingredients in Cleaning Products

Last year, California became the first state to legally require manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose their ingredients. It means that every chemical, every fake scent, every input in the cleaning formula, has to be included on the ingredients list.
Why does this matter?

With the Roundup case in the media and recent studies showing that our long-trusted bleach is actually harmful to our health, it’s becoming clear that we simply don’t know what’s in our cleaning products, and we don’t know the implications of what we are using. The active ingredient in Roundup is Glyphosate, which has no side effects in humans but has been demonised. Yet we’ve happily used bleach for years, exposing ourselves and our children to it.
This step of demanding complete transparency allows (mostly) women to take steps to protect themselves and their families from harm-causing compounds and potential allergens.

Why is this important for New Zealand?
Currently, in New Zealand, manufacturers aren’t required to disclose precisely what is in their products. Some known hazardous chemicals are to be listed, but only if they are over set limits. Manufacturers can claim that their ingredients are confidential and that disclosing their formulas risk exposing their trade secrets.
However, with the increased bogus claims of ‘fake’ green or eco-positive claims alongside increased understandings of chemicals that are harm causing, it’s time this practice was made clean.

The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust
You may be familiar with the clean, green, environmental choice tick that is present on a range of cleaning products. This is the closest thing New Zealand has to identify everything on a labeling list. However, it still is not clear what is in the products. While known endocrine disruptor phthalates are excluded, fake fragrances are still allowed. We simply do not know enough about the outcomes of use of these.

You can trust us.
Here at YOURS we list all our ingredients on our labels. It’s right there for you to see. We’ve researched and studied the chemicals and we only use the ones we know are safe. In a world of fake, we offer cleaning products that we KNOW are safe- so we know we can be 100% transparent with our customers.