What our customers love about our amazing cleaning products

What our customers love about our amazing cleaning products
We have the best customers, who are just as committed to a healthy environment and a healthy home as much as we are. From the feedback we get from them, here are the best things about our products.

Our products smell amazing 

One woman told us her husband loves walking into the house after milking and smelling the beautiful aromas from our products ‘floating through’ the house.
Another happy customer noted that she wants to keep cleaning because she loves the smell of the cinnamon and tangerine surface cleaner so much! (Is it really that good? You’ll have to try it and find out!)

Fly off surface cleaner

Due to the sheer volume of feedback, this product has a category all of its own.
Not only do people think the smell is ‘heavenly’, but it actually is effective at keeping the flies away.
The formula removes fly spots easily and helps to prevent the flies from returning. This is a definite favorite!

Our products are gentle on the skin

As anyone with sensitive skin can attest, a new cleaning or self-care product can result in dry, red, itchy and painful skin.
A change in anything can result in a flare-up of dermatitis or psoriasis.
YOURS have been designed to be gentle on you and your skin so you can use these safely.
Some products even are good for the skin, with essential oils offering benefits to skin health.

Our products are effective

With our products leaving floors smelling ‘lovely, clean and fresh and shiny too’ and customers saying that our products are ‘some of the best products I’ve ever used’, you know that you’ll be able to replicate those results in your house.
As one woman said, YOURS  ‘actually make cleaning a pleasure’.
How amazing (and can she come and clean our homes for us?)!