rPET  Plastic Bottles... makes truckloads of sense to us!

rPET stands for recycled PET, and PET is the abbreviation of a long fancy name of a polymer from the polyester family of plastics.

But what do we know about rPET?

Well, firstly like PET , it is the plastic with the #1 recycling code, the easiest to recycle, and most recycled plastic.

It takes 450+ years for plastics to decompose in a landfill or , put another way, one ton of recycled plastics saves about 23 CM of space in a landfill……that’s about 4 truck loads! https://science.howstuffworks.com

rPET is generally made from everyday recyclables, like soft drink and water bottles collected via Container Deposit Schemes (CDS) as well as jars and meat trays collected in your kerbside recycling bin.

Besides its low weight [light weight packaging means lower freight costs and hence lower CO2 emissions], and good strength, the life cycle of rPET is shown to be a highly sustainable material with a positive environmental profile, using about 75% less energy to make a rPET bottle than in virgin PET…..drastically reducing the carbon footprint.

Another reason we tend to use rPET in some of our containers is because it is safe to use in all our cleaning environments.

rPET has many other uses other than a YOURS bottle! Think carpet, clothing, shoes , automotive parts , construction materials , to name a few.

By buying a YOUR bottle you are making sure your household recyclables are collected, recycled and re-manufactured into new PET packaging—the perfect circular solution.