Know how they make soap? No? Well, sort of..?

Most of us don’t know exactly what goes into soap - but mostly it smells divine, bubbles up and gets the job done.

Well, have you heard of lye?

Not many of us have - it’s a strong alkaline solution with a very high pH which makes it very caustic, meaning on its own it could actually give you a chemical burn if you touched it with unprotected skin.

But did you know that if you mix lye with vegetable oils (or even animal fats) along with water you create a fascinating process called saponification. The resulting product is an alkali salt called, you got it “SOAP”. Soap is alkaline on the pH scale, typically around pH 9-10 which pops you somewhere on the scale, right between baking soda and ammonia solution. Now doesn’t that sound divine..?

Sitting at a pH of around 6, our healthy skin has oils and bacteria all living in harmony. Soap is a detergent that disrupts the balance between skin oils and the healthy bacteria that lives on it. Disrupting this fragile ecosystem creates an oil imbalance that can result in irritated or dry skin, or even acne that thrives in an alkaline environment. Not great news for You or Your family.

How is YOURS different?

We are soap-free.

Our range contain mild non-soap surfactants that have a similar cleansing action as soap but with the benefit of a similar pH as our skin. Made from 100% natural ingredients, drenched in sublime botanicals - we are powered by plants and three signature essential oil combinations that all work with a different focus.

YOURS is formulated to deliver eco-friendly, chemical free products that actually work. -We are antibacterial and have antimicrobial properties. Just because we’re natural doesn’t mean we don’t pack the punch of a more chemical-laden product.

Family, we want ours and YOURS safe.

YOURS is the connection between YOU and the planet we share.