New Year Resolution 2021: Use Less Plastic forCleaning Products

Here at YOURS one of our major goals is to be kind to the
environment. If your New Year resolution was to use less plastic or stop using toxic chemicals to clean, we can help.

Reduce plastic
We reduce plastic waste in two ways + we now use 100% recycled plastic which means all our bottles have been recycled first and then can also be recycled again.

1. Reduce plastic use by re-using:

We allow you to refill your own containers with our cleaning products. We have a few locations so far that you can refill your containers from:


If you know of another location that would be great to home our refill centre, contact us!


2. Our range of body products come wrapped in beeswax wraps. These are easy to wrap & they now come in beautiful compostable packaging

around the bars to prevent them from drying out and cracking. Once your bar is finished, the wrap can be washed thoroughly and re-used. Once the beeswax coating has worn off, you can reapply the wax or simply throw the wrap in the green bin. No need for plastic at all! Cleaning products that don’t harm the environment

There’s so much that we humans do unintentionally that can harm the environment. If your New Year resolution was to rid your home -and environment- of harmful chemicals, we can help you do this in three main ways.


1. No palm oil:

Often, we don’t know the consequences of our choices. As a consumer, you
are probably not aware that many cleaning products contain palm oil. Production of palm oil eradicates natural rainforests, destroying the environment for huge numbers of
animals and removing trees. Our cleaners contain no palm oil.


2. Healthier for you:

Fake fragrances, called phthalates, can cause endocrine disruption.
Bleach affects your lungs and causes COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
There’s a bunch of nasty things that commonly-used cleaning chemicals can do to you, your family, or pets. We don’t use them.

3. Healthier for the environment:

The highly popular pyrethrum, used in many fly sprays, will kill aquatic life. Runoff from cleaning products can cause problems for waterways, or plants. We use clean ingredients that are non-harmful for you, your family, your garden, and waterways.

​Reduce plastic and have a healthier 2021
Here at YOURS we want to help you reduce plastic use in your home and lessen your impact on the environment. Check out our range of cleaners and make a positive start to 2021