How to easily remove cat and dog hair

How to easily remove cat and dog hair from your home and clothes

Animals are such important family members. However their fur can be an irritant, and also is capable of turning your best outfit into a furry disaster. The urge to vacuum your pet might be strong, but there are other ways to remove pet fur from your home without traumatising your furry friends! Here’s how to remove cat and dog hair from your life.


Removing pet hair from furniture

Run a damp rubber glove over the surface of fabric couches and chairs to attract hair. There are specialised gloves to do this but an ordinary rubber glove from a supermarket works perfectly. Rinse off when done- easy! This also works for removing hair and fur from duvet covers and blankets. For wooden furniture, a damp microfiber cloth works wonders to attract the fur and removes dust at the same time.


Get rid of dog and cat hair from floors

A good vacuum cleaner does most of the work to remove fur from carpets. Many vacuums now have HEPA filters or dog and cat hair attachments. You may have to go over some areas a few times and try approaching them from other directions. For a very furry area (often the area of carpet that gets all day sun, or the mat in front of the fire), try scraping a pumice stone gently across the surface.
For wooden, vinyl, and tile floors, a vacuum may just move the fur around. A microfiber mop attracts the fur, making it easier to collect and dispose of.


How to get fur off your clothes

Prevention is definitely better than cure, but sometimes it’s unavoidable (particularly with cats, who enjoy sitting on clean washing). Keep a lint roller by the front door for a quick once-over every time you leave the house. In a pinch, tape wrapped around your hand sticky-side-out is also effective.
A quick groom of your pets once or twice a week will also help to minimise fur deposited in your home.

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