How to Create the Perfect Eco-FriendlyChristmas Hamper


One of the most fun and creative gifts for the hard-to-buy-for woman in your
life is a gift basket. Pack it full of amazing products that are great for the environment and her!

Natural first-aid kit

These would be a great stand-alone gift as well as part of a hamper. These natural defence kits from Kesho have a range of categories, from the full essential-oil natural remedy kit to the detox kit. Great for a person with a holistic view of health.

Moisturising body bars

These beautifully scented body bars do away with the need for plastic, AND the gorgeous range of ingredients are actually good for your skin. Use Kawakawa oil for healing, cocoa butter for lush moisturised skin, or cocoa and mango butter for natural non-irritating relief from dry skin.
This range is a great addition to any Christmas hamper!

Kitchen things

For a range of eco-friendly kitchen gifts, consider buying beeswax wrap, these reusable pouches (perfect for transporting sauces, baby food, or for yoghurt in school lunches), or this stylish glass re-suable coffee cup. These little items are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly Christmas hamper.

Manuka oil products

The Maori knew it forever, and now science has proved it. Manuka has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Not only that, but it has fantastic benefits for healing and also for acne prevention. This range of products showcase the best of Manuka, all with the lovely crisp citrus smell of Manuka.

Natural fly repellent

Flies are easily the worst thing about summer. Give the gift of a fly-free home with this pesticide-free insect repellent. It uses the power of peppermint and eucalypt essential oils to deter flies – and it’s incredibly effective. Wipe on benchtops, around doorways, and wave goodbye to irritating flies.

Give the gift of time

Studies have shown over and over again that people appreciate gifts that give them time. While most presents are discarded within a year, giving free time to someone will appreciate longer than any gimmicky gift. For any time-strapped person, give an hour back into their lives with an eco-friendly house clean, some lawnmowing and gardening, or maybe a natural-product based facial.

Give an eco-friendly Christmas hamper this year
Whatever you decide to give someone, make sure it will be appreciated, used, and have a neutral- or positive- effect on the environment.