All natural & Super Absorbent

There’s so much to consider when you know you should be green, but you also want the best clean. But really, what are our options when it comes to wiping up?

Paper towels, a godsend in the kitchen taking care of all of our slops and spills for over 100 years and whilst they carry only a small carbon footprint, they continue to contribute to deforestation and ever-increasing waste worldwide.

The classic kitchen sponge, with their beyond belief absorption due to the polyurethane foam were a game changer but what manufacturers omit to mention on their packaging is that this polymer that can take over 50,000 years to biodegrade in landfills. Aside from this staggering fact, sponges are a near-ideal breeding ground for bacteria - porous, warm and wet with the ability to carry a whole ecosystem of nasties, simply gross.

And then the incredible invention of microfibre - absorbing up to 8 times their weight in liquid and proven to remove up to 99% of dust and other residues! But manufactured from synthetic materials, microfibre materials lose tiny plastic fibres that end up in the environment and do not biodegrade - polluting our oceans and even the air we breathe. Not an ideal solution when we’re doing everything else we can to care and conserve our beautiful planet.

Which is why we’ve now included a Swedish-style dish cloth in the YOURS product family.

Welcome to YOURS Eco Cleaning Cloth made only from renewable resources - 70% biodegradable cellulose (wood pulp) and 30% all natural cotton. We won’t be filling landfills with these..! Why? They’re fully compostable within 4-8 weeks and being plant based will not harm the environment.

As always when it comes to YOURS products, we only want the best for you and your family. YOURS Eco Cloths are the heavyweight of eco-style cloths available in today’s market. They meet EU and International Health Standards with optimum abrasion resistance, durability and reusability. We love some solid stats and science in our products!

Our cloths have a distinguishable diamond pattern on the reverse side, a cross-linked mixture of cotton and cellulose. There are cheap copies of the diamond pattern, but these imitations are usually made up of a soft, inferior fabric and after little use, they tend to crumble like dry biscuits.

Lasting around 9 to 12 months, your YOURS cloth can be washed up to around 200 times either by popping them in the dishwasher or in the washing machine - but please don’t use fabric softener, as that makes them less absorbent and never in the dryer as they’ll shrink..! On the line or in the sun is all the love they’ll need - they dry quickly, within a couple of hours normally - providing little chance of mould, germs and odour.

YOURS cloths will absorb over 20 times their own weight, a little like using 15 paper towels to be honest. Providing a super effective wipe solution we supply our cloths in the dry state making them gritty enough for scrubbing, but once moistened they thicken to around 5mm and are suitable for cleaning all of your homes surfaces including granite, stainless steel and even glass.

A heavyweight on performance and material quality BUT with a lightweight price, YOURS Clear Conscience Cloth is your perfect wipe solution.