Fly Off (or how to stop flies landing on your benchtop)

In the summer in New Zealand, flies can be a problem. They come inside to look for food, and lay eggs to continue their lifecycle. In the process of doing this, not only are they irritating and unsanitary, but they leave fly spots.

Fly spots are literally food that they have vomited back up. The vomit is acidic, so it breaks down the food. The flies then eat vomit and food. When they poo, this is very acidic as well.

This acid will damage paint, so it’s important to clean it promptly. And if you decide to paint over the fly spots without washing them off, the acid will damage the new paint too.

How to remove fly spots from the ceiling

Unfortunately, ceiling paint will show marks where you’ve cleaned. The only way to stop this is not to use ceiling paint. Try normal low-sheen water-based paint instead.

The second problem is that fly spots are hard to remove, so you scrub harder, which removes the top surface of the paint.

The best fly spot remover is our very own Fly Off. Spot clean using this cleaner on a damp cloth to remove fly spots with minimal scrubbing.

The best way to avoid fly spots is to deter flies

Don’t leave food out and dispose of rubbish before it starts to smell. Flies are attracted to food, so if you don’t leave food out, they have no reason to visit.

The other option is to use a chemical deterrent.

There are many spray options on the market today, often leaving toxic residue on your surfaces.

However, Fly Off is a surface cleaner with a difference. With powerful peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, this cleaner doesn’t just clean.

The strong smell is very unpleasant for flies and they will buzz off to annoy someone else.

Use this cleaner to wipe down your bench, and not only are you cleaning your surfaces with a non-toxic product, but you are repelling flies from your home.

Tested and proven, Fly Off is the biggest seller in our range, and for good reason. Try it yourself and enjoy a fly-free home!