Natural 100%
Plant-based Products

Made in NZ with essential oils to brighten your world.

Meet Yours

We believe in cleaning with a clear conscience.

We use pure essential oils to make cleaning your home a mood-boosting, de-stressing experience without the guilt.

Our non-toxic, family-safe products clean to perfection, leaving nothing but lingering aromas behind.

Our Signature Scents

Packed with essential oils our scents will leave your home smelling, well, like a home.

Cinnamon & Tangerine

Lemongrass & Lime

Pine & Sweet Orange

Highly Concentrated

Goes 3 times further than supermarket brands

Made in NZ

Specially formulated with pure essential oils


Our packaging is either compostable or 100% recycled bottles (rPET)

Carbon Conscious

We replant and protect indigenous forestry

Our Favourites

All of YOURS is pretty great. But this lot takes the cake.